Results of R+P vibration analyses guarantee operational safety.

Finite Element

The modern calculation method is one of our standard tools for the simulation of solids.

Finite ElementAnalyses

Simulation of processes results in tailor-made, practical solutions.


Perfect Engineering

Perfect engineering is the basis for perfect projects. Rabofsky + Partner Engineering offers a team of experienced engineers that work every day to find innovative solutions in the fields of planning, conception and design of components, machines and plants. 

Your project is in good hands at R+P Engineering. Upon request we offer manufacturing as well.

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Overview of Our Performances

Individual engineering solutions at the highest level.
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Best Practice

We work towards the future for various industries.
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Successful with top engineering for more than 25 years.
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MFL Group

The powerful network of the group offers numerous synergies as an added value for our clients.

Virtual Worlds

Stress test for a tensile testing machine adapter at 30 meganewton.

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