Managing Director
Dietmar Freyhammer

Dietmar Freyhammer is the managing director of the company Rabofsky+Partner Engineering GmbH. As head of the engineering team he is the competent contact person for your requests.

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Guiding Principle

For Rabofsky + Partner Engineering GmbH quality is a fundamental corporate goal and quality policy is an essential issue of the company policy.

The company policy takes into account the interests of the clients, the employees, the owners, the suppliers and the public.

Our main quality objectives are:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction to achieve economic security of the enterprise due to recurring business relations and due to corresponding image improvement in the market and in the public.
  • Continuously improving both our performance and our processes as an important contribution to maintain the profitability of the enterprise.
  • Creating a working environment that maintains personnel motivation, strengthens identification with the enterprise and ensures the further development of the enterprise.
  • Building and maintaining mutually beneficial business relations based on trust and co-operation with quality-conscious suppliers.


In 1988, DI Christof Rabofsky founded the company TB-Rabofsky that even then managed to make a name for itself as a first-class engineering office.  To ensure his succession and the existence of the company Rabofsky+Partner Engineering GmbH was founded in 2002 and taken over by the  MFL Group.

  • 1988 Foundation of the company TB-Rabofsky by DI Christof Rabofsky
  • 2002 Foundation Rabofsky + Partner Engineering GmbH
  • Takeover by  MFL Group